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Play Wacky Jelly Online Online Games

Bounce, rotate and drop! Sounds easy, isn’t it? Challenge yourself to play this fun and interesting Wacky Jelly Game Online.

Wacky Jelly Game Online will definitely become your most favorite game due to its unique characters, aside from the thrill you acquire after completing each level successfully. All you have to do is simply drop the wobbly gel into its predefined place. Easy, isn’t it?

But, wait a minute! It turns out that this wacky jelly game is a lot more difficult than you may think. Given that the jelly is bouncing, rotating and ricocheting, it surely becomes tougher to place it into its accurate place.

Level up your skills with some tricks and hints so that you can easily prop the gel accurately. Thus, you can move on to the next challenging level with ease.


Know that the spinning jelly will stop by the time you release it. This will help you choose the best potential position before dropping the wobbly gel precisely.

Angle does matter. Before dropping the jelly into the available place, make sure that you pay attention to its angle. Some objects may slide a little bit; thus, you need to estimate the best position.

Think about the bouncing objects. The jelly you are about to drop will likely bounce, especially when it lands on an unfair surface. Make sure that you anticipate it well for your best achievement on this wacky jelly online game.

Know your mistakes. When you make a mistake in dropping the jelly, make sure that you contemplate what went wrong and learn to do better for your next drop.

With more than 300 levels to explore, this top game online free to download will surely provide you with endless fun and ecstasy. Warning!! All the new challenges on each next level are so addictive that it could drive you crazy.

So, prepare yourself for grasping the excitement and enjoying our leisure time playing Wacky Jelly Game Online! Have fun!

How to play : Drag to drop
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