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Play Red Ball Forever 2 Online Games

Enjoy the adventure of an attractive red ball taming all obstacles. Red Ball Forever 2 requires you to be faster. More stars mean higher scores.

Red Ball Forever 2 is another instalment of the series. As its name suggests, you will control the red ball to reach the goal.

But what is the catch? Why should you play this game? Is it fun?


You can watch the Red Ball Forever two walkthrough if you are unsure how to start this game.

Once you enter the game, you will see a cute red ball lying on the ground. Using your desktop gadget, you can use the arrow buttons or ASDW buttons for control.

As you hit the control, the ball will roll over too. You will see tons of stars in this arcade game, and of course, you have to collect as many stars as possible.

There are several levels, and you have to complete each level to go to the next level; by perfectly, we mean that you don’t hit the obstacles.

Yes, there are several obstacles which you have to avoid. You have three lives that may get wasted if you are not careful.

Each level has a different stage of difficulty. Also, the control is not as easy as you thought. So, you better beware, pals!

Where to Play

Since this game is an online game, you do not need to download any application to start the game.

All you need to do is have a decent internet connection and your favourite web browser. Thus, you can play on your PC and smartphone, depending on your preference.

So, why don’t you enjoy the adventure of Red Ball Forever 2 right now? Invite your friends to play along and feel the heat!

How to play : WASD Arrow Keys or Touch to Play
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