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Play Pou Online Online Games

Pou online game can be a place to learn how to raise a pet before you get a real one. The game is easy and can be played in your leisure time. Play Pou now!

Do you want to raise animals but are not allowed by your parent? Or do you want to learn how to raise animals but don't know how?

Now, you don't have to worry anymore. You can still raise an animal because you can raise Pou online. A very cute alien that is similar to a potato will become a pet who can entertain you with his behavior.

About Pou Online Game

Pou game is one of the Android pet games that were launched and immediately became famous a few years ago.

Pou is like a real pet because you can feed him, dress him, play with him, bathe him, and even he can sleep. You can play with him anytime in your spare time.

Easy Control, Easy Games
Pou is a fun online game. Help Pou grow up and earn lots of points for him to get cool stuff.

The first time you meet Pou, his body is small and brownish. So, you need to level up and gain more coins. His body will grow bigger as he grows older. After that, you can also change his skin color as you want.

By leveling up, you have more and more choices to dress her as you wish, have a lot of food choices, and have more games.

To level up Pou, you just follow whatever he wants.

Operating the Pou is very easy. Use your finger or mouse in one click direction. Hold and drag something when he needs it or touch him smoothly.

Pou's Interesting Life

Pou is like a living animal that has feelings that can affect the run of the game. He can be hungry, dirty, and tired.

He has a house with several rooms, they are:

Game Room,
Bedroom, and

So, If he's hungry, take him to the kitchen and feed him. If he gets dirty or poops, run him to the lab. And, if his vitality drops give him time to sleep or feed him again.

The hall is the place where you and Pou can talk and be more connected. Also, Pou has lots of fun puzzle games where you can add coins in the game room.

Is it easy to raise Pou? Invite your friends to play together for more fun. Play Pou online games and watch Pou grow right now!

How to play: Mouse control
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