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Play The Squid Sniper Online Games

Squid games are very popular in recent months and many game developers are making them but this Squid Sniper game is different because you play the role of a shooting staff and not as a squid game player.

At the beginning of the game you take on the role of a sniper shooter when the green and red light dolls mark which squid game player should be shot by hovering the mouse over the player marked in red.

Then the second game through the glass floor which is supposed to be a tug of war game, I don't know why the game developer did this. in this game the players do not fall when passing through the thin glass but you have to shoot if the player chooses the wrong glass, there will be a red mark on the player who chose the wrong glass.

There are still some levels that are similar to the original squid game, let's play it.
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