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Play Baby Hippo Dental Care Online Games

o you like animals and want to be a dentist? Become a doctor at Baby Hippo Dentist Care. A place for a baby hippo who has a toothache and needs treatment.

Girls and boys are sure to love animals. As is the case in this game, baby animals need to cure their teeth. We happily invite you all to play a fun game that's called Baby Hippo Dental Care!

Heal baby hippo’s teeth and make sure they can eat some good food again!

What is Hippo Baby Care?

Do you like visiting the Caring Games category? Where you can take care of a cute baby human or animal.

In this game, in front of you will be the cutest baby hippo in the world. The baby likes to eat sweet foods and rarely brushes his teeth.

His teeth are full of plaque, tartar, inflamed gums, and cavities. You will be in charge of being a dentist to cure it. You'll need to follow the instructions on the screen to get healthy teeth.

For the first part, you need to feed a baby hippo who is sitting on a chair. After the food was finished the baby hippo felt his teeth hurt. Then he will visit the dentist.

Tooth healing requires patience and is quite time-consuming. You have to clean the baby hippo's teeth from the remaining food debris and bacteria on the teeth.

Next, you have to fill the cavities with the equipment that has been prepared. Do it slowly because the baby hippo will be crying.

Cut the damaged and replace the teeth with new ones. Clean the gums and clean the tartar until the yellow teeth become pure white teeth.

Finally, after the treatment, the baby hippo will be able to eat his food again. He even diligently brushes his teeth so they don't get damaged.

Use the mouse or press the screen. Follow the instructions that are currently displayed in order.

Want to be a dentist? Start pursuing your dream now, and don't hesitate to share this Baby Hippo Dental Care game with your friends too!

How to play: Mouse click or tap to play
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