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Play Fish Hop Online, an arcade game to save a fish from a grill with the help of moving clotheslines. Use your agility to gain the highest score possible!

A call for all gamers! An orange fish is stuck on a grill, and it’s up to you to save it! Help it jump onto the clothesline to get away from the grill in this online game, Fish Hop Online!

Fish Hop Online Is …

An arcade game where you find a fish, happily watching TV, is snatched and put on the grill.

To help it, you must tap your screen and aid the fish to jump to the clothesline.
The higher you go, the safer the fish will be!

Fish Hop Online is a simple phone or PC game where you simply need to tap or click on your screen and make the fish jump. The fish will jump to the clothesline above the grill.

The grill is your starting point, and your fish needs to jump to safety. In each clothesline, a shirt or pants are waiting to be hopped on.

To add to the challenge, the clothes will move from side to side, so, remember, be agile and observant!

Rules and Tips:

With each jump, the clothesline will move quicker than the previous one. So if you miss the clothes, your fish will fall, and it’s game over.

The shirts and pants will move faster as you ascend, so be careful!

Every clothesline you successfully hopped through will give you one point, and your score will be announced after the game is over.

Oh, and remember to be patient, as well. Wait for the right moment, and don’t take chances!

You should wait until the clothes are line up in a line, then hop before the clothesline move again.
You’ll be delighted to find that you’ll be accompanied by a piece of lively music, too!

Ready to save the fish? Challenge your agility and your observation skills with Fish Hop Online! Available on phone or PC.

How to play: Tap click anywhere to jump
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