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Looking for a match-3 puzzle game that is cute, unique, and fresh? Help Elsa gather her candies in this Disney Frozen Online game!

Are you familiar with Elsa from Frozen? And do you like puzzle games to exercise your mind? If the answer is yes, you should try this online game Disney Frozen Online.

In Disney Frozen Online, our hero Elsa likes sweets. She is on a mission to collect all the candies in the world. But, she will only get candies if she can finish some puzzles. Match three same sweets in this game and help Elsa collect her candies!

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. You just need to connect three or more sweets of the same type to get the point. It can be either vertical or horizontal, as long as they are next to each other. If you are familiar with games like Candy Crush, this Frozen game is similar to it.

Unique Puzzle Game

At a glance, it seems no different from your usual match-3 puzzle game. But, Disney Frozen Online has some twist that makes it more fresh and exciting.

For example, the screen itself isn't always rectangular and sometimes shaped like a pipe. Or a different goal each stage like bring down the strawberry, marshmallow or other specific candies.

With each level's uniqueness, you will never feel bored trying to solve the puzzle in this game. And if you think it is too difficult, you can wait until the hints are shown on the screen.

Various items can help you solve the puzzle-like striped candy that can pop an entire row or birds that will steal away some candies.

Easy to Play and No Download

Disney Frozen Online runs in your internet browser, so there is no need for download and installation.

It is an addicting puzzle game with unique stages. You can easily play it by clicking the candies with your mouse—an excellent choice to rid your boredom.

How to play : Mouse or touch
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